Who am I?

Hi I'm Bella! I'm the founder of DMT Sports Therapy, 

Plymouth's first Specialists in Performance Arts injury, prevention and the South West's only Vocal Massage Therapist. 

I'm a dancer with Hartley House Dance Club and a performer with Plymouth Theatre Company, both of which are held in high regard within the local area. 

I sustained a severe shoulder injury 2 years ago whilst training due to someone else's lack of understandingThanks to this injury DMT Sports Therapy was created!

Our Massages


DMT's Vision

My injury was so severe that I struggled to reach for mugs in my kitchen cupboard and anyone who knows me will agree - I drink a lot of tea! But even worse than that was struggling to continue to do the things that I loved; Dance, Gymnastics and Exercise. I went from consistently improving to no longer being able to move my shoulders all because someone didn't understand my sport. 

I never want anyone anyone to go through the ordeal that I went through so decided to make a space where people are listened to and understood

At DMT it's all about you! Whilst my main speciality is within the performance arts sector, I am to extensive research and personally tailor each session to your needs. 

So that's a little bit about me and DMT Sports Therapy. Want to find out more? Contact me for a chat! 

Speak soon,