Ball Fitness



Quick fire Questions

Can anyone join in?

Yes!! DMT is a massive supporter of all who want to join in, whether you're a total beginner or experienced dancer. This class is for anyone!

What do I wear/bring to class?

Comfy Exercise Clothes, Socks/Bare Foot, Water Bottle, Yoga Mat, and Towel (Optional). DMT can lend you any equipment you don't have and you have the option to order items through DMT.

What if I have an injury?

Not a problem! Every exercise class can be adapted to you. As a Sports Massage Therapist, Bella can also discuss and asses your injury and advise if Massage Therapy would be beneficial for you.

What is Ball Fitness?

Originally created by Australian Ballet Teacher Marie Walter-Maton and a team of Physiotherapists, Ball Fitness is a unique exercise class that aims to engage and isolate specific muscles which will help you improve your overall strength, flexibility and balance.