Quick fire Questions

Can anyone join in?

Yes!! DMT is a massive supporter of all who want to join in, whether you're a total beginner or experienced dancer. This class is for anyone!

What do I wear/bring to class?

Comfy Exercise Clothes, Trainers, Water Bottle, Yoga Mat (Optional) and Towel (Optional). There's no eqipment needed to enjoy this class but let us know if you'd like to borrow or buy any of the optional items.

What if I have an injury?

Not a problem! Every exercise class can be adapted to you! Bella is also a qualified Sports Massage Therapist and can use this knowledge to help adjust your training during your injury or recovery phases. For further advice on this issue contact Bella.


What is BalletBums?

Throw out the rule book and join Plymouth's first Cardio Ballet HITT class! With it's upbeat music, easy to follow high intensity workouts, you'll be in a fun filled sweaty class! 

Want to join a class?