Your First Session

First Impressions

This is your first session with DMT Sports Therapy. We will take a few minutes to fill our some paper work and then we will discuss what you'd like to get out of the sessions, either to fix an existing injury or to help prevent them. A cup of tea or coffee is always on offer!

Once we have outlined what you'd like to do, I will then take you through step by step how I'd like to put your personalised plan into practice.

  • Create a personalised session plan based on your individual needs. 

  • Conduct a postural assessment which can help identify associated muscle issues preventing you from achieving your goals. 

  • Conduct special tests which will help us to identify the potential causes for your muscular dysfunction/injury. 

  • Fully discuss and explain the best course of action for the sessions and allow plenty of time for any questions you may have. 

  • Begin the treatment by providing a short massage alongside some stretching techniques.

  • When required, kinesio taping is also available for an extra £5.00.

What to Expect

"Bella went above and beyond for me and keeps me fit and healthy after years of frustration of no one listening to me. I can't recommend her enough!"



Research is key. Once you have booked via online or telephone, I will prepare a detailed plan combining my own knowledge as well as extensive research to make sure any sporting activity or working job is understood to benefit your personal plan.