Sports Massage

Continuing your Programme

After your first session, depending on your programme, we will look to continue with your personalised plan. We will keep assessing the situation and adjust your plan as your body reacts to the treatment. If you haven't had a session, take a look at the Your First Session page.

Along with the massages, we will discuss the possibility of adding stretches and exercises to help get you back to where you need to be quicker.

What to Expect

  • Using a blend of massage and stretching techniques, in this one hour session, your personalised plan will be continually discussed with you and improved upon in every session. 

  • We look to improve muscle strength by providing you with strengthening exercises for you to work on at home or book a one to one session in our strength and flexibility classes.

  • When required, kinesio taping is also available for an extra £5.00.

"Bella went above and beyond for me and keeps me fit and healthy after years of frustration of no one listening to me. I can't recommend her enough!"


Book to see Bella

If we haven't already planned your next session of if you feel like a problem might be returning, book online or give me a call so we can get you into the office soon.